Nokia 8 Leaked Brochures Reveal a Bezel-Less Form Factor and Iris Scanning Capability


An update from HMD Global concerning the Nokia 8 is more or less vague at the moment because there is little to no information on when the alleged flagship is going to be announced or what sort of design it will tout. However, two leaked promotional brochures of the upcoming flagship might reveal more insight on what kind of additions the Nokia 8 is going to receive.

Nokia 8 Might Maintain a 16:9 Aspect Ratio But Will Get Bottom-Firing Stereo Speakers and a Display That Melts Towards the Sides of the Phone

The promotional images were first shared by Chinese website CNMO and while the photos aren’t sufficiently detailed in terms of the resolution, they are enough for us to determine what sort of additions are going to be present on the Nokia 8. For starters, you can see that the headphone jack is present at the corner of the device, possibly to make room for other components to cover the remaining space of the smartphone.

Nokia 8 Gets Android Pie Minus a Few Key Features

Bottom-firing speakers reveal that the Nokia 8 might not boast the same ‘Infinity Display’ of the handset, but as you can tell from the images, the sides of the flagship are melting towards the edges, meaning that the device might feature somewhat of an edge-to-edge display. Specifications of the handset include a Snapdragon 835 and 6GB RAM pairing, and there’s also a possibility that an iris scanner will be included in the features set.

The phone itself might get a 6-inch 1440p display, and the optics of the device are likely to be augmented by the Carl Zeiss brand. The Chinese source claims that we could be seeing a July to mid-August announcement, but you should take this info with a pinch of salt for now.

HMD Global is still staying quiet on the announcement date, but at least they have mentioned that both it and Nokia are committed to releasing smartphones, which can mean that the release of the Nokia 8 could be a crucial one for the growth of both companies.

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News Source: CNMO