Nokia 8 Might Still Be Launching in the U.S. – Customized Smartphone in the Works for This Particular Market

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Nokia 8 launching in US

Strangely enough, it does not look like the U.S. happens to be a key market for the Nokia 8 launch. However, there are possibilities that a customized version of the phone enters this market and why wouldn’t it? The U.S. currently holds the title of the world’s largest smartphone hub by revenue but HMD Global and Nokia have not made it a key target for its imminent growth.

Nokia 8 Launch in the U.S. Might Mean Compatibility With GSM Networks But Rumored Variant to be Launched in China Could Have More RAM and Internal Storage

According to sources that are close to HMD Global’s plans (via Nokiepoweruser), the Nokia 8 could make its way to the U.S. in a customized form. These sources also claim that there is going to be a launch in China, but this particular variant is going to tout more RAM and internal storage than the one being intended to launch in the U.S., which is 4GB RAM paired with 64GB of storage.

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If the Nokia 8 does land in the U.S., it is possible that it will be an unlocked variant being sold through online retailers and providing network compatibility with GSM networks. Aside from this, there was no information revealed as to when both firms were actually planning a launch in the country.

If the Nokia 6 can make its way to the U.S., we have generated some degree of confidence that the Nokia 8 might somehow find the same path. Unfortunately, going against carriers that provide their own enticing iPhone and Samsung device deals, it will become difficult to cement its position unless consumers are willing to pay the full price for an unlocked smartphone.

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News Source: NPU

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