The Nokia 8 Leaks In Some Not Very Pleasing Looking Gold Live Factory Images – Take A Look!


Following previous trends, this year the rumor mill's focus is once again on the upcoming iPhone and the Galaxy Note launches. Each year, traditional rivals Apple and Samsung battle it out to see who makes the best device. Last year, Apple won by a mile as Samsung's Note7 went down (or up), in flames. However, one thing that's different in 2017 is that we've also got Nokia as a contender in the H2 flagship smartphone race. The manufacturer will launch two premium devices, the Nokia 8 and the Nokia 9. Today, the former has surfaced in its first images straight off of its production line. Take a look below to find out more.

The Nokia 8 Leaks Straight Out Of Its Production Line And That Too In A Very Flashy Gold Finish

We're hearing a lot of rumors related to the Nokia 8 lately. The device will serve as a 'second-tier' flagship for the company's portfolio. Since December 2016, rumors have claimed that the company will launch at least seven different smartphones this year. These will cater to all the performance and price market brackets. Regarding the Nokia 8, the device is currently rumored to feature either the Snapdragon 835, or more realistically, the Snapdragon 660.

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The smartphone will be the Finnish brand's first seriously spec'd device, with the Nokia 9 expected to follow sometime later. Today's image leaks show a seriously premium intent for the Nokia 8. HMD's going to launch the smartphone in a Gold variant, borrowing a page from Samsung and Apple's books in the process.

Regarding its other specifications, we're expecting a 13+13MP resolution for the dual camera and starting storage of 32GB. There have been little specification based rumors or leaks for the Nokia 8, as the majority of these have featured on HMD's true flagship smartphone, the Nokia 9. The Nokia 9 will feature the Snapdragon 835, 4GB RAM and a very impressive 22MP rear camera sensor. W.r.t the camera, there's no Carl Zeiss branding on the device in today's images, but we're sure it'll feature in the final product.

Regarding the color, quite frankly, we don't agree with the Copper/Gold look. It's not too flashy but not too sober either and instead, it sits in the middle. Nokia will be better off to stick towards a singular aesthetic approach for its smartphone, Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.


News Source: Nokiamob