Nokia 3310 Gets Resurrected With a Few Cosmetic Changes, and an Actual Rear Camera

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Nokia 3310 specs features pricing announced

When we knew the original Nokia 3310, it came with a monochrome display and a design that we are all familiar with. Fortunately, HMD Global and Nokia were both kind enough to bring the 3310 back and looking at how the globe is scattered with smartphones and tablets, both companies decided to incorporate some changes to the phone so that consumers would not feel that they are being given a carbon copy of a product that was announced years ago.

You’d Definitely Be Surprised to Hear That Nokia 3310 Features Expandable Storage and a Rear Shooter

Running the new Nokia Series 30+ software, 3310 comes with a few cosmetic changes and other upgrades which can be considered astronomical since they were not present in the earlier model. The rounded buttons will make it easier to type on as well as a retro look. Its overall curved corners will not make it a pain when carrying it around or when it is tucked inside your pocket.

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The 2.4-inch screen features a QVGA resolution of and the 3310 will be available later in the year in the following colors:

  • Warm Red
  • Dark Blue
  • Yellow
  • Grey

The chipset and RAM details have not been disclosed but you get 16MB of onboard storage. The best thing about the feature phone is that there is a MicroSD card slot available that can accept up to 32GB of storage so you’re pretty much covered to the end on the storage front. There is no Wi-Fi chip present in the device but its huge selling point will definitely be its long battery time. Nokia claims that the 3310 will be able to deliver up 22 hours of talk time and 31 days of standby time.

The 2MP rear shooter is not going to be capturing terrific images at any point, but seeing as how the original feature phone did not carry such an upgrade and this one does, then it is a huge change in my opinion. The device will be available during the second quarter of this year at a price of €49 ($51.75). Are you glad that the Nokia 3310 is back in the era of smartphones? Let us know your thoughts right away.


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