Nvidia Launching GRID Powered Cloud Gaming for SHIELD Tablet on 18th November

Many big players such as Sony and Microsoft are investing heavily in cloud gaming, and now Nvidia has launched its own pioneering Cloud Streaming service for the SHIELD Tablet. Thankfully however, the company is claiming to have gotten over the inherent delay problems with latencies as low as 60ms with the proper Internet connection (and a location close to GRID servers).

Nvidia launching On-Demand Game Streaming for SHIELD, powered by the 'fastest supercomputer in the US'

Cloud-Game streaming has existed way before it became mainstream a year or so ago. I remember trying out the Onlive client back in 2008 and though it was laggy as hell (thanks to internet speeds back then) it was none the less an exhilarating experience. Fast forward 6 years and you have services like Sony's Gaikai-based Playstation Now racing towards maturity and stability. It is at this stage that Nvidia's GRID based streaming service will enter the scene, approximately 4 days from now on 18th of November 2014, hoping to be a game changer, pardon the pun.

The enabling technologies of GRID are super-low-latency from controller streaming to graphics to game streaming. And, virtualization so that many gamers can share the Geforce cloud gaming supercomputer. The next step: putting thousands of GRID GPUs into data centers around the world. It’s an effort that’s put 20 petaflops of graphics processing compute power into the cloud. That’s equal to the fastest supercomputer in the U.S. - Nvidia Blog

Similar to Onlive, Nvidia's streaming service will allow users on the SHIELD tablet to enjoy PC games in 720p 60fps (Playstation Now offers 720p/30fps), which considering the size of the screen should offer optimal visual fidelity. Although, it might be a bit less if you hook the SHIELD upto an HD television set. The time for a game to boot up after you click on it in the Hub App is 20-25 seconds. In comparison Playstation Now takes 40 to 50 seconds to boot up titles. It is also offering 20 games completely free at launch (till June 2015). The list includes Astebreed, Alan Wake American Nightmare, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City, Borderlands, Borderlands 2, Brutal Legend, Darksiders, Darksiders 2, Dead Island, Dirt 2, Nail’d, Psychonauts, Race Driver Grid, Saints Row: The Third, Street Fighter X Tekken, Strike Suit Zero, Trine 2, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and Ultra Street Fighter 4.

GRID on-demand game streaming service will be launching in Europe next month and Asia Pacific the next year. Currently servers are located in Virginia and Oregon and you will need atleast a 10 Mbps connection with low latency to get the 60ms claimed by Nvidia. Oh and Android 5.0 update will be landing this month too, probably alongside or very near the Official GRID update.



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