Nioh’s Sequel Is Still Undecided, But It’s Under Consideration, Game Director Says


Nioh, the action role-playing game developed by Team Ninja, has been in the works for quite some time, but in the end, the wait was well worth it, as it's one of the finest games released this year. The game has been received well worldwide, and it seems like this positive reception may lead to the development of a sequel.

Speaking with Japanese magazine Famitsu about the game, game director Fumihiko Yasuda has been asked about a possible sequel. Apparently, development is still undecided, but he is considering the possibility, especially following the high praise the game received not only in Japan, but also in North America and Europe.

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Nioh definitely deserves all the praise it has received in the past few months, as Team Ninja managed to create an excellent experience that no fan of the Dark Souls series should pass on. In his review, Kai praised the game for its combat system and general feel, which can satisfy fans of the Onimusha and Dark Souls series.

Putting the difficult nature of Nioh aside, the finely tuned combat that Team Ninja has crafted for this samurai epic is among the best I’ve played in years. Nioh more than satisfies my craving for a new Onimusha to come out of the Capcom teams while simultaneously feeding my hunger for another Souls-style affair. The difficulty may be enough to turn some prospective gamers from stepping into William’s boots, but those that persevere through the fields of yokai and demons will be rewarded with one of the finest PS4 exclusives to date.

Nioh is now out exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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