Nintendo Switch New Teardown Video Gives A Real In-Depth Look At The Console


The Nintendo Switch is finally in the hands of players all over the world, but there's a very good chance that most of them don't really know everything about the console. If you're among those who wish to know everything about the new console by Nintendo, you definitely have to check out a video that's been shared a few hours ago.

iFixit recently shared on their YouTube channel a Nintendo Switch teardown video, which gives a very in-depth look at the new console. Those who have followed leaks from previous months will surely notice how the final version of the console doesn't differ much from what we have seen previously.

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Nintendo’s newest console/handheld hybrid, the Switch, has eyes popping over its many configurations. It’s a console for your TV—no, wait—it’s a handheld gaming system. NO, WAIT! It’s BOTH! Whatever it is, we got one and we’re going to take it apart for science.

In our Nintendo Switch review, we have noted how the console is really unlike anything that's been released so far. It's still too early to know if the Switch will be able to rival with the Sony and Microsoft consoles, but the potential is there.

Right now the future looks bright for Nintendo, though there are doubts. What is certain right now though is that Nintendo has delivered an astonishing, wonderful piece of technology with the Nintendo Switch. The way it handles the transition from docked to handheld gameplay is just as smooth as marketing and promotional videos suggest, the graphics and gameplay are just as you’ve seen videos of, the quality of the game experience is unparalleled with other gaming handhelds. This is just, truly, a brilliant piece of hardware for Nintendo, one I’m very excited for the future of.

The Nintendo Switch is now out in all regions.