Nintendo Switch Has The Right Balance Between “Creating Fun” And Acceptable Graphics Quality; Frame Rate Important For Immersion


It's been quite some time since Nintendo released a console that could be considered powerful in relation to the current standards, and things aren't going to change with the Nintendo Switch, the new console from the Japanese company launching in less than a month in all regions. Nintendo, however, doesn't consider the console underpowered, as it hits the right balance between creating fun and offering an acceptable graphics quality while also being easy to develop for.

Speaking with Time about the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo's Producer Yoshiaki Koizumi mentioned how graphics quality falls somewhere in the company's priority, but he also feels that the Nintendo Switch strikes the right balance between the ability to create fun, good graphics quality and ease of development.

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Certainly, graphic quality falls somewhere within our priority, but our feeling is that Nintendo Switch is a system that really has the best balance of being able to create fun and new ways to play, but doing so with the graphic quality that's still good enough while also being one that's easy to develop for.

Koizumi also mentions how graphics and frame rate are extremely important for immersion, and that Nintendo tried to go even further in this regard with the introduction of HD Rumble.

Graphics and frame rate are important in terms of how you're connecting with or how you're moving the heart of the player who's immersed in that world," adds Koizumi. "Nintendo Switch also has something else that can connect with that player in the form of the HD Rumble, where you can be immersed in that world, but you can actually feel in your hands the sensation of something in that world that you haven't been able to feel before that adds a new layer of immersion to go along with the graphics and the frame rate.

Ultimately, once players get their hands on the Switch, Koizumi thinks they'll understand how the console connects to the player in ways that haven't been experienced before.

I think when you start to look at the total package of tools that Nintendo Switch has to help bring those worlds to life, I think you'll find that it has some unique ways to connect with you as a player and move you in ways that you haven't necessarily experienced before.

The Nintendo Switch launches on March 3rd in all regions.