Nintendo Switch Sells 80,000 Units In The UK In First Two Days Of Availability; Breath of The Wild Second Best-Selling Game


The Nintendo Switch, the new console by Nintendo, seems to have been well received all over the world, and things are definitely looking better than they did with the company's previous home console, at least in the UK.

Earlier today, it's been confirmed that the Nintendo Switch sold around 80,000 units in the UK in its first two days of availability. That's double the number of units sold by the Wii U in late 2013. Sales are still far from the PS4 and Xbox One launches, but retailers seem to be happy.

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Most of the Nintendo Switch launch sales have been fuelled by the highly anticipated The Legend of Zelda Breath Of The Wild, which managed to be the second best-selling game in the UK for the previous week, with only Horizon Zero Dawn performing better. The PS4 exclusive, however, benefitted from a much larger install base.

In his Nintendo Switch review, Dave noted how the console is unlike anything that’s been released so far thanks to its hybrid nature and very interesting features. If developers will be able to take advantage of these features to offer unique experiences, the console may be able to compete at an even level with the other home consoles.

Right now the future looks bright for Nintendo, though there are doubts. What is certain right now though is that Nintendo has delivered an astonishing, wonderful piece of technology with the Nintendo Switch. The way it handles the transition from docked to handheld gameplay is just as smooth as marketing and promotional videos suggest, the graphics and gameplay are just as you’ve seen videos of, the quality of the game experience is unparalleled with other gaming handhelds. This is just, truly, a brilliant piece of hardware for Nintendo, one I’m very excited for the future of.

The Nintendo Switch is now out in all regions.