Nintendo Switch October Dev Kit Is More Powerful Than Older One; Demo Units Have No Ethernet Port, Extra Docks Coming After Launch


The Nintendo Switch January presentation is now very close, and fans are more excited than ever to learn everything there is to know regarding the upcoming console. Most of what we know about the Switch is thanks to insiders, and today we have managed to learn some interesting new details on the console and upcoming games thanks to one of them.

A few hours ago, insider Laura Kate Dale took part in a Reddit AMA where she has revealed plenty of interesting details. While the console specs have yet to be confirmed, with only rumors detailing the console's CPU and GPU clock speeds, Laura Kate Dale confirmed that dev kits sent back in October are more powerful than the ones sent back during Summer, upon which most specs rumors are based.

Like pretty much every games console, the switch has gone through multiple dev kit iterations. There was one floating around in July a LOT of info on specs has been based on. Another went out to bigger devs in October. Some bigger indies are still working from the July dev kits. The Oct kit is more powerful overall than the July dev kit.

Speaking about the hardware, Dale has revealed that hands on demo units don't have an ethernet port, while dev kits do. This might mean that players may have to purchase a dongle if they want to enjoy a wired connection.

Dev kits have ethernet. Press event and public hands on demo units do not. Not sure if that matches retail. If the press event units are anything to go on you'll need an USB to ethernet dongle again.

It's also been revealed that Nintendo Switch additional docks will be made available after launch and that they will be relatively cheap.

At launch, no additional docks. Some time after launch there will be extra docks. Docks are designed to be relatively cheap and affordable so having 2-3 in a house shouldn't break the bank. This is based on sources.
I have not heard anything about that headrest. I doubt it'll be launch day. I don't have sources on this, this is speculation.

Speaking about games currently in development for the Switch, Laura Kate Dale revealed that the Mario Kart 8 enhanced port seems extensive, while the Super Smash Bros port will be minimal. Beyond Good and Evil 2 may also make a surprise appearance during the January presentation, with a CGI teaser currently in the works.

I have heard a CGI teaser for BGE2 is in the works, less than a minute long (double sourced). No word if it'll be ready for Jan. I suspect not Jan event but equally I don't know when else a 1 min teaser being worked on now would be for. Can't place any other events they would be prepping it for.

Lastly, it seems like there will be some surprises in the January presentation, including one unexpected new IP.

Yep, stuff you're not expecting. At least one unexpected new IP.

The Nintendo Switch launches during March 2017 in all regions.