Nintendo Switch Jailbreak Has Been Achieved

Nintendo Switch

If you were holding your breath for a Nintendo Switch jailbreak, then you will be pleased to learn that a major milestone has been achieved already.

With the Nintendo Switch Jailbreak You Get Access to the Root Directory - The Possibilities are Endless

Whenever a jailbreak (or root access) has been achieved on a device, there are number of things you can do without worrying about the limitations put in place by the manufacturer. This means you can install tweaks, change the UI or do something else free of boundaries. If that all sounds exciting to you, then you will be pleased to learn that a Nintendo Switch jailbreak has been achieved. If you are accustomed to the world of iOS and jailbreaking then you definitely know how exciting that news is and what it entails.

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The Nintendo Switch jailbreak was pulled off by none other than Luca Tudesco, the developer responsible for the Yalu jailbreak for the iPhone and iPad devices. Confirmation of the news comes from a tweet from the developer himself.

There are a few things that should be made clear right now before you get way too excited. First and foremost, the jailbreak isn't available to anyone at all. It's a work in progress at best. Also, there is no developer working on stuff that comes after achieving the jailbreak. So this means there are no tweaks, no emulators, no software, basically nothing. But over time, once the jailbreak is released to the public (if at all) we will definitely end up seeing some great stuff being implemented.

It's best to not hold your breath right now considering how new the Nintendo Switch is. Achieving a jailbreak is one thing, but building a community on top of it is another. It will take a good few months before we even start seeing the great fruits of this jailbreak, given that it is released to the public on time, and of course, if Nintendo doesn't end up thrown a spanner in the works at the very last minute.

We will definitely keep our readers updated regarding this development in the time to come, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, be sure to check out the following links before heading out:

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