Nintendo Switch Dark UI, Homescreen, User Accounts Shown Off By Nicalis – Rumor


The Nintendo Switch homescreen, dark UI mode, and the option to switch user accounts might have been shown off by developer Nicalis.

The American developer known for titles such The Binding of Isaac (which was confirmed to be released on the Switch yesterday), took to Twitter yesterday to reveal 1001 Spikes and Cave Story for Nintendo’s upcoming hybrid platform. The tweeted image, showing off the Switch’s homescreen, was quickly pulled however. Luckily, the image was mirrored by Reddit user “tsarkees”.

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Apart from the games that the screenshot confirmed, it seems that that the Switch has a Dark UI mode alongside the option to ‘switch’ user accounts while playing. In the top left corner of the screen, a profile picture can be discerned as well. While not totally clear, it also seems that the user interface might be customizable to a certain degree.

The reason for the screenshot’s removal is uncertain but could be related to the clipped title this is partly displayed on the outer right side of the shot. Although not confirmed, the clipped game is actually a yet unconfirmed version of Hydra Castle Labyrinth. Take this information with a grain of salt for the moment though.

The Nintendo Switch is slated for a global release on March 3, 2017.