Nintendo: Super NES Classic Edition Is A Form Of Virtual Console; Classic Games Might Be Sold At Retail


Months after the release of the Nintendo Switch, the Japanese company has yet to talk about the Virtual Console service for its latest console. At the same time, it's been announced that the Super NES Classic Edition, which will include some of the best games ever released for the 16-bit console, will launch in a few months in all regions, giving nostalgic players a chance to play through some all-time classics. Judging from what the company's Senior Executive Officer said during the latest shareholders meeting, the retro console is indeed a form of Virtual Console.

Asked about the possibility of making Game Boy Advance titles available through retail, Satoshi Yamato highlighted how Nintendo is thinking about different ways to make use of the Virtual Console titles, with the Super NES Classic Edition console being a form of Virtual Console. As for releasing single titles at retail as packaged software or download cards, Yamato stated that it's possible, but they would have to consider if there's enough demand for them.

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We have been thinking about a lot of different ways to make use of Virtual Console titles, and not just Game Boy Advance titles. Similar to these software titles we have made available on a variety of platforms over the Internet, we consider the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Famicom (to be sold as
Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Super NES Classic Edition in the U.S.), scheduled to be launched in Japan this October (and September overseas) to be a type of Virtual Console. It would be possible to sell these titles as packaged software or via download cards, but if we were to start selling products like this in the future, I think we would first have to consider whether we can establish that kind of business model, and do our due diligence in finding out if there is sufficient demand for it.