[Updated: Boogie2988 Clarifies] Nintendo NX ‘Confirmed’ Portable According To YouTube Personality


[Update] Following the Nintendo NX rumors that Youtube personality "Boogie2988" discussed during his Retropalooza panel, Boogie2988 has now taken to Reddit to clarify the statements he made about Nintendo's new console.

Whoa, boy! I didn't expect everyone to get so excited! so I figured I should come out as detailed as I can about this to make sure neither Nintendo is upset or anyone at any of the companies I mentioned or any of the NX fans like me are upset if I am wrong 🙂

I mentioned two things. First a person who claims to have played with the device and another a person who works for ubisoft who mentioned the product was awesome to code for.

Both of these pieces of information came from anonymous sources. The "ubisoft guy" is someone who routinely emails me in response to my gaming news videos. He has often let me known when rumors are correct and often when my rumors are right. Sometimes he gives me small corrections. I do not know this person personally, they use a gmail address, and presumably they could be a troll.

But what they said did in fact line up with something similar said by someone at ubisoft. Ubisoft employees have publicly stated that they like coding for the device and that its innovative and they are putting their weight behind it: https://www.vg247.com/2016/09/23/ubisoft-ceo-says-the-nintendo-nx-will-be-fantastic/

That came directly from the CEO in that article so it stands to reason my contact would say something similar.

As for the 'mobile aspect' we've got a lot of signs that point in that direction and I genuinely believe he may be correct. He has said a version of what I said (though I am the one who supplied assassins creed as a suggested game). He says that the device is in fact a handheld/console hybrid and the handheld can be carried with you and can play a 'version' of the games. If that means handheld like I suggested, or simply a lower res version of full games, only time will tell.

as for the person who has said to have used a prototype this was a conversation held on an anonymous image board. The person did not know who I was and I do not know who that person was. They confirmed some of the rumors that I supposedly 'confirmed' and he claimed to work for a source I trust but whether or not its true IDK. But based on my research and crunching all of the data I have read and processing all of the rumors it seems very likely.

I, however, do not know anything concrete and I am very sorry if i presented these rumors as fact. I did not mean for it to be taken as such and I'm sorry that it has. I HOPE that this is the NX and I hope that the things these sources have said are true but I make no claims that they are.

But like most people excited about the NX, i want this to be the device that puts nintendo back into the game. I hope that its the device that we're all waiting for. I hope that it is in fact true innovation and I hope that it gives tens of millions of people in both western and eastern markets to be excited about the company again.

Now for the fun part.

Here's what I believe that the NX will be. This is only my belief.

I expect it to be slightly more powerful than an xb1. I expect it to play games in 900p 60fps.

I expect it to be a console/handheld hybrid. I expect that plugging the handheld portion into the main console will increase its power and in docking it allow it to put out to your television of choice with decent quality.

I expect that it will have several launch titles already nearly done or ready to launch in the first month. I believe that they have learned their lesson in this regard.

I expect that the handheld portion will either play a lower res version of existing games, or special versions of those games 'companion apps' if you will. I expect them to publish their mobile programs on it as well. I expect third party companies to do the same.

All of this though comes not from concrete sources but by reading all of the rumors I can, tapping all of the sources I have, and making my best educated guesses.

I am nobody special so please take these guesses and wants with a grain of salt.

But I suspect when nintendo finally does reveal (and I personally expect it to be delayed past march into a 'summer console' instead), I believe I am likely to be at least partially correct 🙂

time will tell!

thanks for reading this and thanks for your patience. But more importantly thank you for treating me as a trusted source of information these past few days. I really appreciate that you guys think so much of me to take my educated guesses as near gospel. I know we're all so desperate for information about this machine that we're willing to believe anything. I hope that my desperation and educated guesses do not exasperate you if/when they are wrong.

[Original story] Rumors surrounding the Nintendo NX, have erupted like mushrooms after a rain the past year, and now YouTube personality Boogie2988 claims to have some inside info on Nintendo’s new console.

The most recent NX rumor claimed that Nintendo’s new console would be 3-4 times stronger that the Wii U, and that it will sport NVIDIA’s Tegra platform. While each rumor claims something different about the NX, most of them mention the hybrid character of Nintendo’s new platform.

In a new panel video from Youtube personality Boogie2988, the hybrid character of the NX was again mentioned. According to Boogie2988, he has talked to two people who have used the console, and both have been very positive about it. Check out the panel video down below (skip to 35:32).

Thanks to Reddit user Finalclipx for the transcript:

"I've talked to two people who have used it. One is from Ubisoft and he said programming for it is actually really nice and Nintendo is working very closely with him and that the concept is great because he said, you could play... Uh, I dunno how careful I should be with it... Let's say you could play Assassin's Creed once you have your handheld plugged into your console. And then, you could then detach the thing and take it with you and play the Assassin's Creed mobile game out of your pocket. And then when you get back home, plug it directly in and now it attaches back to the... That's brilliant. That's smart, right? Taking a form of the game with you as you go. So he says it's a dream to code for. And then somebody I know who's played on the NX for 20 minutes said... It's as innovative as they'd hoped and 'we wish we had done that."

Nintendo has yet to officially detail the Nintendo NX, which is scheduled for a release in March 2017. It’s expected that Nintendo will do so later this month. We will keep you updated.