Nintendo NX News Coming This Week, More To Be Revealed In Next Week’s Investors Meeting


In the past few days, we have learned from multiple sources that the Nintendo NX may finally get more details sometime this week. A few hours ago, yet another source revealed not only that more news will be coming this week, but also the next.

Well known insider Emily Rogers stated on her Twitter profile that this week is going to be an important week for the Nintendo NX. The next one will be just as important, as the Japanese company will apparently answer more questions regarding the new console in the next investors meeting.

Rogers NX 1

In a later tweet, Emili Rogers also reiterated how the console is right on schedule, despite the late reveal, and that it will be released in March as announced earlier this year.

Rogers NX 2

Interestingly enough, Nintendo apparently considered revealing more about their new console on the week of November 1st.

Rogers NX 3

Yesterday, French journalist William Audureau revealed on his Twitter profile that he heard from an industry source that the Nintendo NX will finally be unveiled this week. This report falls in line with another from last week which stated that the console will indeed get additional detail sometime this week. Investment banking firm Macquerie also speculated that the console will cost between $300 and $350.

The Nintendo NX will launch this March in all regions, and more news on the mysterious console should be coming sometime this week. We will keep you updated on the matter as soon as more comes in on it, so stay tuned for all the latest news.