Nintendo NX To Make Use Of Macronix Memory Slots

Aernout van de Velde

Nintendo’s upcoming dedicated home console, codenamed Nintendo NX, will make use of memory products from integrated device manufacturer, Macronix.

Macronix’s general manager, Cy Lu, said as much during the companies earnings call for the 4th quarter of fiscal year 2015. Thank to Neogaf users Rösti for pointing this out, and to Jim_Cacher for the translation to English. The source for the Taiwanese Yahoo article, is a low quality audio stream, which can be found here – it’s a webcast of the conference call in both English and Mandarin.

Prestigious Japanese videogame console maker Nintendo will launch a new console called NX this year. General Manager of Macronix, CY Lu, said Macronix will provide products for NX and that Macronix has considerable expectations to NX.

In the afternoon, Macronix had held an online conference for investors. As Nintendo is going to launch new console NX this year, investors concern about if Macronix, which have a long-term cooperative relationship with Nintendo, is still part of NX's supply chain.

CY Lu said Macronix will supply memory slots for NX, and that the company has considerable expectation to NX.

Even though CY Lu declined to comment whether the supplied products are ROM, he said he expects ROM sales this year will be exceptional.

Macronix isn’t a stranger to Nintendo, as they manufactured mask rom chips for the Nintendo Game Cards used in the Nintendo DS and 3DS. The company remains a long-term Nintendo supplier.

A few months ago, we reported that Foxconn, among a batch of other suppliers, has been chosen as the main manufacturer for Nintendo’s new dedicated console.

Nintendo hasn’t released any details regarding their next console. Back in March of this year, the late Satoru Iwata said that specifics and details about the NX will be revealed in 2016. According Iwata, Nintendo aims to surprise gamers with their console.

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