Nike Made A Micro-climate Chair That Will Help Keep Muscles At A Temperature You Want

Nike, the famous brand that we all know of, made a team with architect Greg Lynn in order to create a stylish functional chair that is bi-functional in nature i.e. that it can keep the athletes warm as well as cool all through the games they play (whatever is required), even when they are sitting on the bench and not playing.

Nike Chair

This microclimate chair made by Nike in collaboration with Greg Lynn relies on 70 embedded Peltier thermoelectric pads that helps the chair to heat up or either lower the temperature by cooling down which is directly dependent on the temperature and electric charge required by the athlete. Not only has that but the chair also adjusted the temperatures based on the muscle groups. This is a unique chair since it can work two way as well by making the users legs warm and at the same time keeping the core at a cooler temperature.

And to cut back a little on humidity, the chair has got a tube system as well that blows the air around the person using it.

Since Greg Lynn believes that anyone who can pioneer in such chair making process can get a competitive advantage of being the first one to enter the market. However the main concern that Lynn explained was that he merely made the prototype in order to encourage other designers to have the same path and make them believe that this is a possible scenario that can be further processed by others. Also, Greg Lynn wants everyone to understand how technology can be integrated with sports to make the performance even better. But this is just at its prototype phase so there is still more time that all sportsmen out there need to wait for.

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