HTC Nexus Sailfish And Marlin Will Not Feature Stock Android & Eliminate The Nexus Brand


Google's Nexus devices for this year have been making consistent rounds in the rumor mill. We've managed to gather quite a lot about the devices, which paints a good picture for them. For starters, both the HTC Nexus Sailfish and Marlin will feature a rather unique design. Google will provide us with unique color options and a dual-material rear. Renders and leaks so far suggest that the back of both Sailfish and Marlin will feature glass and metal. Today, some more information has surfaced about the devices, which takes the term 'Nexus' completely out of the frame.

Latest Rumors Suggest Complete Brand Change For Upcoming Google Nexus Devices

Given the increasing relevance of smartphones over the past couple of years, Google's started to take an active approach towards its Nexus devices as well. Mountain View's been pushing out impressive smartphones lately, and this year's devices will continue this trend as well. Not only will they feature interesting design changes, but now sources suggest that Nexus devices from Google are a thing of the past.

Google's changes for this year's Nexus lineup will be more than only design and hardware upgrades. We're starting to hear more claims that this year's devices will feature a complete interface overhaul. This will separate them from the previous approach of pure, stock Android featuring on Nexus launches. This interface change will accompany a changed branding strategy. The name 'Google' will now play a much more important role in the smartphone lineup.


The handful of renders and images which have surfaced of the Nexus lineup suggest a similar approach. We're yet to see the word 'Nexus' appear on any of these. Judging by today's information, it shouldn't appear in either the renders or the actual devices which will be launched later this year. How Google manages to execute this approach will set the pace for its future smartphone launches. Further more, while last year's devices did create an emphasis on the manufacturer, for 2016, we're expecting HTC to be completely out of the picture.

For now, we'd settle with some more specification leaks of the upcoming devices. After all, while the HTC Sailfish has been gracious enough with specification leaks, Marlin has been remarkably absent. Both the devices are expected to feature the Snapdragon 821 as their processor. For Sailfish, this will be accompanied by 4GB of RAM and a 1080p display. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.