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Next Battlefield Possibly Developed By DICE LA; Might Well Include Co-Op Mode


A part of the Battlefront DICE team has moved on to work on the next Battlefield, and judging from posted job listings at DICE LA, the next Battlefield might well be developed by DICE LA, and possibly includes a co-op mode.

Last week, DICE development director Dan Vaderlind, confirmed that a part of DICE is now moving on to work on a new project – the next Battlefield.

DICE’s Battlefield support studio DICE LA, has been doing an amazing job supporting Battlefield 4, following a troubled launch. In fact, the studio has been doing so great supporting the title, that EA’s Patrick Soderlund stated that the studio will probably build their own game at some point.

Next Battlefield possibly build by DICE LA

"They’ve really not only created good stuff, they have taken over Battlefield 4…and done a great job with BF4 since the launch of it. They've built great expansion packs, but more importantly they've created an identity for us in LA”, Soderlund told IGN back in October of this year.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson added, "I have no doubt that DICE LA will be building their game at some point, because it's a really, really passionate group of people."

Interestingly, DICE LA is now hiring for several positions at the studio, including vacancies for a singleplayer and multiplayer level designer. The studio is also looking for a senior technical animator, a senior lighter, and a senior concept artist. It might well be the case that the next Battlefield is DICE LA’s own title.

In short, DICE LA is looking for various candidates to “push quality to the next level for an unannounced AAA title”. While the listings don’t mention that Battlefield name, the descriptions do match with the Battlefield setting. For instance, the concept artist vacancy mentions various work task examples, including the task to “Create readable designs for environments, characters, props, weapons and vehicles that can be translated into 3D assets”.

The most interesting part of information comes from the vacancy for a multiplayer level designer. Unlike Battlefield 3, DICE decided to remove the co-op mode from Battlefield 4. The current job listing though, might well imply that the mode will make a comeback in the next Battlefield, as the listing mentions that “2+ years of experience in the design of levels within multiplayer or co-op titles”, is required to apply for the job.

Take the above with a grain of salt though, as the lob listings don’t mention the Battlefield franchise in any way.