New XCOM 2 Trailer & Tons Of Gameplay Footage


2K & Firaxis shared a new XCOM 2 trailer titled 'Retaliation', which highlights the difficult task of Commanders in this sequel: take back the Earth from the aliens.

This XCOM 2 trailer is just a small part of the media blowout planned for the game, though. System requirements have been made official, for instance, and there's also lots of new gameplay footage. This one by Arekkz Gaming takes an in-depth look at the character customization options.

Another two videos by Beaglerush showcase two new XCOM 2 missions: Operation War Hand and Operation Ice Queen.

XCOM 2 is due for release exclusively for PC on February 5, 2016. That's because Firaxis is banking heavily on modding, and with the recent confirmation of 50GB worth of assets available to modders, we should definitely see some amazing stuff in the Steam Workshop after launch.

This ties directly into the other main features of XCOM 2, such as procedurally generated maps and objectives. The goal is clearly to significantly increase the game's longevity; of course, there will also be multiplayer with ranked matches for those interested in becoming the Supreme Commander.

You can take a look at the newly revealed pre-order bonuses, Season Pass and Deluxe Edition here.