New Tech Uraniom Allows to Scan Your Head into PC Games

Have you ever wanted to really be yourself in a game? Now you can, thanks to Uraniom. This French startup developed a platform that allows 3D scans to be integrated directly into games; according to Uraniom, the new character will work with all of the game's native animations and moves.

Basically, a 3D scan is an empty shell, with a set of points defining a volume, which is covered by a picture. Thanks to proprietary algorithms, we add to this 3D object complementary data that makes it compatible with the graphics and animations engine of a game. Adding content to improve the game experience should not be restricted to the most dedicated fans. This is why we created a system that allows for extremely simple avatar integration, into existing games we already love.

The beta version of Uraniom only works with PC games, but according to the official FAQ the first compatible console games will be available later this year. Currently, it supports FIFA 15, ARMA III, Grand Theft Auto V, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Fallout 4 and Counterstrike: Global Offensive. CS: GO is the only multiplayer game in the list, as you might have noticed, but the good news is that according to the company the avatar will be recovered by the server upon initiation of the game and will thus be visible by everyone in the match.

Of course, a necessary component of Uraniom is being able to do a 3D scan. Uraniom recommends either the Occipital Structure Sensor (compatible with several iPad devices but costly at $379) or the Intel RealSense R200 camera (compatible with Windows and soon with Android tablets, much more expensive at $99).

The official website also features a handy geolocation map that will help you find any studios or professionals offering 3D scan services near you, though, and in the future Uraniom should also be compatible with the app-scanning approach being pursued by Dacuda.

What do you think, fellow readers? Is that something you might be interested in using? Let us know below in the comments.

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