Highly Speculative Rumor Claims iPhone SE Upgrade Incoming Next Month; Apple Will Shift iPhone 8 Launch To October


In between all the leaks that surround the iPhone 8, the rumor mill seems to have forgotten about another device. Apple launched the iPhone SE last year in order to appease those of its followers who still loved small screen followers. However, amidst the strong hype the iPhone 8 has generated, there has been no word for the smaller device's upgrade. However, that might not be the case for long. Today, we've got more information for the iPhone SE. Take a look below to find out more.

Apple Will Hold A Special Even In August To Launch The iPhone SE; iPhone 8 Launch Will Shift To October Claims Weak Rumor

When we talk about the iPhone 8, there's no shortage of rumors out there. Apple's tenth anniversary iPhone is perhaps the most highly anticipated smartphone from the company to date. It'll feature a lot of upgrades, the majority of which will compensate for Apple's lackadaisical approach on the lineup over the past couple of years. An OLED display, a bezel-less screen, you name it, the iPhone 8's got it.

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That being said, there has been virtually no talk on the rumor about an upgrade to the iPhone SE. Apple's launch of a budget iPhone with all the necessary internals seems to be a one time time thing, unless the company wants to pursue a more aggressive strategy in Asian markets. However, now, a fresh rumor related to the device's successor has surfaced. It claims that Apple will launch the iPhone SE's successor no sooner than in August.

iPhone SE

According to French publication iGen, Apple will hold a special event for the iPhone SE next month. The company will then proceed to launch the iPhone 8 two months later, in October. Out of all the rumors related to the iPhone 8's delay that we've seen so far, none mentions a change from Apple's September launch tradition. Even iGen isn't sure about their information as according to them, its source is a first timer with zero past track record.

So take this information with the proverbial grain of salt as its unlikely for Apple to return to the iPhone SE. Cupertino's got its plate full at the moment, with the iPhone 8's production constraints still not fully resolved. It's building up to a nice finale for September, and we'll be right beside you with all the relevant updates. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.

News Source: iGen