New Google X Phone Images Leaked – 25 Colors, Indestructible Covers!


Since the hour Google acquired Motorola for some whopping huge amount, almost all eyes in Android world have been on the duo to come out with some excitable stuff. Speculations, rumors and leaked images have circulated too about a so named Motorola X Fon and X-Tablet for a long time. With so much of leaked information and images circulating in tech world, it only became credential recently when @evleaks leaked some images confirming the earlier speculations of Tinhte images and information.


From the looks of it, the hardware doesn't look any different from the current Google smart phone line-up with a lots of looks from Motorola Droid RAZR and RAZR M. The display is estimated to be 4.7 inches but the slim bezel at the bottom seems to accommodate a size of 4.3 inches perhaps. The new Google X phone images leaked by the above mentioned sources show the volume and power keys on the right side with headphones jack on the top center. Charging port can be found on bottom center.

To some, it might give the looks of HTC One from the curved rear shell but that might be too much since HTC One has got that flagship sort of beauty and elegance. Resources who have seen it on LTE version claim that new Google Motorola X Fon will be released on all four US carriers and would be offered in over 25 color options! With 32GB of storage and 2GB of RAM, there is no slot visible for SD card. Codenamed as ghost, the device is said to have been running on Android 4.2.

This year's I/O keynote, set to have later this month, will clear the airs if the new phone by Google Motorola is going to hit the markets this year or anytime soon. The catchy thing so far found among the speculations is the availability of X Fon in twenty-five colored protective covers which might pave ways for an indestructible and water-resistant phone! And may be a smart phone launching Android 4.3? Who knows?