New Comparison Stacks The iPhone X Video Quality Against A Professional Mirrorless Camera


The iPhone camera has come a long way and it has always been a go-to smartphone to capture everyday moments for a lot of us. Now, at the present stage, the iPhone X incorporates one of the best cameras on a smartphone, resting on the top position when it comes to taking still shots. Recently, the iPhone X was awarded a whopping score of 97 on DxOMark, which is quite an achievement in itself, let alone personal preference. However, how does the dual-lens camera setup on the iPhone X stack up against a professional mirrorless camera? Photography blog Fstoppers has put the iPhone X's enhanced video capturing abilities to a test in which he compared the results with a professional mirrorless camera, the Panasonic GH5. So let's dive in to see how well the iPhone performed.

iPhone X Camera Stacked Up Against The Panasonic GH5 - Impressive Results For A Smartphone

As for the specifications surrounding the Panasonic GH5, it is a 20-megapixel micro four-thirds camera that sells for a hefty price tag of $2,000. If you think that's too much, the price alone is for the camera with no lens. Now when Fstoppers compared the video of the two devices, he was really impressed by the capabilities of the iPhone X in the video department.

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The Panasonic GH5 stole the show in low light situations and video stabilization. The iPhone X surpassed when it came to zooming a subject when digital zoom was brought into play after exceeding the limits of the telephoto lens.

The iPhone X performed highly well in daylight and slo-mo scenarios. However, the fact that it was nearly as equal of a contender in terms of color vibrancy and contrast in numerous situations, the iPhone did not fail to impress. So that's a major plus of the device. For more details check out the video embedded below.

The iPhone X's dual camera setup at the rear side of the device is equipped with two 12-megapixel shooters, both of which are stabilized. In addition to this, the wide-angle camera features an aperture of f/1.8 while the telephoto lens has an aperture of f/2.4. Apple's shot on iPhone campaign is a huge success in which the improvement in iPhone camera can be seen. As we have mentioned earlier, the camera on the iPhone has come a long way featuring major updates and whatnot.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the iPhone X stacked up against the professional Panasonic GH5 mirrorless camera? Share your views with us in the comments.