New 4K ELEX Screenshots Shared Alongside October Release Date


ELEX will be released on October 17th, 2017 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, THQ Nordic just announced via press release.

To celebrate the reveal, they shared a CGI trailer embedded below. We also found a new set of 4K screenshots from the game on the official website, mostly focused on the environments you'll find in ELEX.

Gothic, Risen and ELEX Developer Piranha Bytes Purchased by THQ Nordic, ELEX 2 Basically Confirmed

In the press release, THQ Nordic then confirmed a Collector's Edition for the game with the following contents:

  • A 10-inch-high figurine of an Alb Mage
  • A 2-inch amulet in the form of a combat drone
  • A cloth map, showing the world of Magalan
  • The original score on CD
  • An artbook
  • The game itself and the manual

We have an appointment to play ELEX and talk with the developers at E3 2017, so expect more details on the sci-fantasy RPG soon. In the meantime, here's the official overview provided by Piranha Bytes.

In ELEX, you join the war over a powerful resource that gives people great magic-like powers, but turns them into indifferent cold creatures. You decide if emotions and humaneness or cold synthetic logic will rule the world of Magalan.


  • Completely seamless Open World experience without borders and loading zones for the ultimate exploration experience
  • Vertical Exploration: Use the jetpack to reach any place in the game world
  • Simulated game world where everything reacts to the players actions and provides for an authentic atmosphere
  • Highly interconnected quest system that support true player choices
  • Tactical and challenging combat system for close and ranged combat
  • Universe set in a post apocalyptic science fantasy universe that combines the most interesting aspects of all genres