Mysterious Xiaomi Smartphone Spotted With Twice The RAM As Galaxy Note 5

Omar Sohail

Right after the release of Xiaomi Mi4c, it looks the smartphone manufacturing tech sensation is wasting no time in releasing yet another smartphone. However, the only difference is that this particular handset and Mi4c is that it is going to sport twice the amount of RAM as Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5.

Hardware Specification List Of Mysterious Xiaomi Smartphone Show That It Is A Flip Phone And Packs A Whopping 8GB RAM

According to the images and specifications listed on TENAA, the mysterious Xiaomi smartphone is not only going to sport twice the amount of RAM as Galaxy Note 5 (which makes it a grand total of 8GB RAM), but the company is also following in the same footsteps as the South Korean mobile giant by rolling out a flip phone. If the handset is actually released by the company, then it will end up having more RAM than Gigaset ME Pro, which has been tipped to have 5GB of RAM.

However, before we rejoice about the fact that a mobile device is going to have more RAM than most laptops being sold on the market, let us take a look at the remaining hardware specifications and see how well they stack up with the 8GB RAM. Starting off, there is no information concerning the chipset that is going to be running inside the smartphone, but it does state that the processor is going to be a quad-core chip running at a frequency of 1.4GHz per core, along with 16GB of on-board storage.


Furthermore, there is also a MicroSD card slot, and an 8MP rear camera coupled with a front camera that has a maximum image capturing resolution of 2MP. So far, all of the aforementioned details appear to be lack any kind of energy apart from 8GB of RAM, which at this point could mean that it was an error on the part of TENAA. TENAA has yet to give an update on this, but seeing as how the device is also running Android KitKat 4.4.4 (which is quite outdated now that several updates of Android Lollipop have been released), we have a strong feeling that the device might not actually end up sporting 8GB of RAM.

Mysterious Xiaomi Smartphone Spotted With Twice The RAM As Galaxy Note 5

However, companies do have a nasty habit of surprising us right at the very end so who knows, maybe Xiaomi has a huge trick up its sleeve that will definitely knock us off our seats, assuming the smartphone actually gets released in the first place.

Would you guys want to see a Xiaomi flip phone to be released in the future? Let us know your thoughts.


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