How To Mute Instagram Users On iPhone Without Blocking Them

Here's how you can mute Instagram users on iPhone without having to block them.

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Don't you feel guilty when you unfollow or block one of your friends on Instagram just because they spam your feed and post uninteresting photos and/or videos? Everyone has experienced this feeling before, but still haven't done nothing because that annoying person on Instagram is your "friend."

However, we've found a great solution to this problem and it's not going to ruin your friendship or relationship with someone at all. Muting someone on Instagram has never been easier than before with the InstaMute jailbreak tweak. This package is straightforward and requires no configuration after you install it.


In a nutshell, InstaMute will allow jailbroken iPhone users to mute their followers on Instagram without the need to unfollow or block them altogether. This feature might come in handy if a user on Instagram is posting too often on a daily basis. The mute feature will help you silence followers on Instagram so that their posts do not show up in your feed.

We personally think that mute should have been added as part of the Instagram app right from the start. Twitter has it as well as Facebook and many other popular social apps. We're not sure why Instagram is still missing out on a feature like this. Mute is a must-have functionality to improve user experience as well as helpful to some users.

As mentioned before, using this tweak is fairly easy and straightforward. After you respring your iPhone, go to someone's profile page on Instagram and tap on the 3 dots right next to their name and the last option should say 'Mute.' When you don't want to mute a follower anymore, do the same thing and choose 'Unmute.' Plain simple and elegant.


The tweak is available to download directly from the BigBoss repo in Cydia and doesn't cost a dime. And as we said before, this tweak should've been a native feature of the Instagram app right off the bat, but the company chose to go against it for some reason. Still, if you're an iPhone user and jailbroken, then InstaMute is the way to go right now.

If you do happen to give InstaMute a spin on your jailbroken iPhone, then be sure to let us know in the comments section how it fared for you. And oh, how many people did you mute after installing this tweak?

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