Mushkin Reveals Blackline Ridgeback DDR3-2000Mhz Memory Kits.

Hassan Mujtaba

Mushkin, A top leader in providing hihe performance computer products has released its new top of the line Blackline Ridgeback Memory kits running at 2000Mhz. The memory's are available in two Kits, One with is of 8 GB(4Modules x 2GB) while the other high density module features a larger memory size , e.g 12GB(6Modules x 2GB). Both the rams come equipped with the Ridgeback Heatsink which provides maximum overclocking ability. The higher density modules can urther boost their memory capacity in the future. Another benefit of the higher-density modules is the ability to run in the recommended "one DIMM per channel" configuration which reduces the load on the memory controller and allows better overclocking.

"These new high-density overclocking memory kits usher in a new era of performance computing. Typically, when higher capacity DRAM becomes available, the overclocking results are mediocre. However, through our unsurpassed research and product development process, we've been able to push these 4GB modules to speeds that rival and even surpass most 2GB DIMMs available today,"said Brian Flood, Mushkin Enhanced director of product development.

Specs and Module Number:

  • 9953 - 8GB (2x4GB) PC3-16000 (DDR3-2000) 10-10-10-27 1.65V
  • 998953 -12GB (3x4GB) PC3-16000 (DDR3-2000) 10-10-10-27 1.65V96


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