Move Over iPhone 6 – Vivo To Launch Stunning 3.8 mm Thin Smartphone

Ramish Zafar

With thin being the new must have in any new tablet or smartphone launched these days, it's no surprise that manufacturers have been pushing their devices to the limit these days. With devices like Sony's Xperia Z Ultra and Samsung's Galaxy Alpha already pushing the thickness limits to 6.5 mm and 6.7 mm respectively, the competition is already very tough for the thinnest device on the market.

Well it looks like Chinese manufacturer Vivo has decided to take things to the next level, with its next device to break all existing records. The company's Vivo X3 already is a shuddering 5.7 mm thin, but if it manages to deliver on its next device, then even the X3 would appear oversized next to it.


Vivo Allegedly Working On A 3.8 mm Thick Smartphone - According To Images Posted On Weibo.

If images posted on Chinese social network Weibo are true, then folks over at Vivo have manged to create the world's thinnest smartphone. The current title belongs to Gionee's Elife S5.1, which itself is a remarkable 5.1mm thin. The new device by Vivo will measure only 3.8mm, which is nearly half the iPhone 5S' dimensions and a full 1.8 mm thinner than the Elife S5.1. Here's another shot comparing the device with the iPhone 5S.

Technical details about the device remain unknown and it's purported width raises some serious questions indeed. First of these is which materials will the company be using for its device, since we all saw what happened in the case of Apple and the iPhone 6 Plus. Secondly, what specifications will the device come with and how will the Chinese manufacturer manage to fit all internal components in this thin space? Vivo's next device does sound interesting but until more details arrive, we'll be taking this one with a grain of salt.


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