Moto Z’s Successor Name Has Been Leaked and It Doesn’t Look Like Motorola Made a Sound Effort on It

Moto Z2 leaked successor

The Moto Z announced in 2016 featured powerful innards and coupled with the Moto Mods attachment, it introduced a unique approach to the table. Motorola is expected to announce its successor this year, but we sincerely hope that the company’s efforts in designing the handset and incorporating it with powerful hardware are much better than the model name that’s been leaked.

Moto Z2 Is Expected to Be the Name of the Successor, According to a Known Leakster

Moto Z was touted as the world’s thinnest smartphone, and that enormous camera hump spoke volumes for it. That certainly hurt the battery life of the phone because the device only came with a 2,600mAh cell, but users could extend that battery with the use of a Moto Mod. For 2017, Evan Blass has leaked on this Twitter handle that the name of the Moto Z successor will be Moto Z2, and we’re hoping that the company does not take away important features from this flagship, like the headphone jack.

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Firstly, we are hoping that this jack makes a return to the device, as well as the company does not make an effort to reduce the thickness to a ridiculously large amount. Having a 2,600mAh battery in a phone just so you can attach a battery Moto Mod is not a fair deal for the consumer.

As for the chipset, with the Moto Z featuring a Snapdragon 820, we have high hopes that a Snapdragon 835 will be a part of the hardware. However, with Qualcomm already going through shipment problems of its latest and greatest SoC, it could be possible that Motorola has no other choice but to stick with a Snapdragon 821 unless of course, it decides to push back the announcement date of the Moto Z2.

If Motorola decides to announce Moto Z2 during the second half of 2017, then we have high hopes of getting a Snapdragon 835.

What other changes do you wish to see from Motorola’s upcoming flagship? We personally want to see the return of the headphone jack, but do let us know what your thoughts are in the comments.

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