Moto G5 Plus Fully Spec’d Out Version Is the Ideal Phone Purchase for Those on a Budget


Looking at the value the Moto G5 Plus now brings to the table, it presents the ideal purchase for you. That is correct, the larger variant of the G5 family is now even cheaper thanks to the latest discount, but you will still want to pay attention to the hardware specifications of the device.

There are two storage models belonging to the Moto G5 Plus; one will feature 32GB while the other will come with 64GB of internal storage. The ‘Plus’ variant features a 5.2-inch 1080p display plus a single-camera option that will deliver some interesting images for a price/performance smartphone.

However, we will still recommend that you pick up the 64GB storage model because it will deliver the best ‘bang for your buck’.

It features 4GB of RAM, which should be plentiful for the average user, but if your budget is still strict, you can also pick up the 32GB RAM version but that is going to be accompanied by 2GB RAM. On the inside, you’re getting a Snapdragon 625 as well, which is a decent performer for the price that you’re getting the smartphone at.

Also keep in mind that the Moto G5 Plus will work with all four major U.S. carriers, including Verizon and Sprint. The highest spec’d version carries a price of $209.99 while the cheaper variant will set you back by a measly $174.99.