Mophie Launches Its Power Capsule That Will Simplify Your Use of AirPods on iPhone 7


Apple refers to removing the headphone jack on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus as an act of courage, but without wireless charging present on either smartphone, it presents a great deal of discomfort for several users out there. However, third-party accessory manufacturer Mophie has announced a new product that will aim at reducing the pain you experience while carrying wireless earphones.

The Mophie Power Capsule Features a Built-In Battery Case That Will Provide Juice to Your Wireless Earphones

The Mophie Power Capsule is a carrying case with a zipper to seal its insides and also doubles as a battery to recharge your wireless earphones. This accessory features a 1,400mAh battery, and according to Mophie, it provide up to eight full charges for wireless earphones. If you take a look at the image, you will be able to see an integrated USB output, so earbuds will not just be the only thing taking advantage of this feature. Mophie has stated that other compatible devices can also take advantage of the charging output, but with the 1,400mAh capacity being significantly minute, it would be best if you used it for your wireless earphones only.

There is also a row of LED lights provided, in order to show the user how much battery capacity is remaining. This approach is in line with powerbank’s LED lights, but a more flexible way would have been to provide a display that actually shows the percentage of the battery. However, this might have shoot up the retail price, so it is probably a good thing that Mophie refrained from incorporating this.

“The power capsule holds a built-in 1400mAh battery, providing up to eight full charges for wireless earbuds. The integrated USB output also charges a variety of electronics including wearables, fitness trackers and more. Pass-through capabilities allow both the power capsule and your device to charge simultaneously. Once your device is fully charged, an automatic shut-off will engage to ensure maximum charges. Easy-to-find LED power indicators displayed on the outside of the case allow you to check charging status without needing to open the case.”

While the Mophie Power Capsule’s price tag is $39.95, you have to admit that the product provides a very high degree of flexibility for those who frequently use wireless earphones. If you’re wondering when they will be available to purchase, Best Buy is said to have them in stock during September 18.