Monster Hunter World Targeting Stable 30FPS, Runs on Capcom’s MT Framework Engine

Alessio Palumbo

Monster Hunter World's reveal at E3 2017 confirmed the rumors that Capcom was working on a Western focused game in the franchise.

Scheduled to be available in early 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with PC coming at a later date, Monster Hunter World got lots of additional information yesterday via Capcom Europe's EMEA Community Manager Joshua Dahdrai.

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He revealed via Twitter that the game is based on Capcom's own MT Framework engine, which is a little surprising since it seemed like the Japanese company known for Resident Evil and Street Fighter had moved past that engine. For instance, Resident Evil 7 is based on a brand new engine; the Panta Rhei engine that was meant to be used for Deep Down has seemingly vanished alongside the game itself.

Dahdrai also stated that the developers are targeting a stable 30FPS frame rate "across all platforms". However, PC gamers probably don't have cause to riot just yet, since the MT Framework engine usually provides support for higher than 60FPS frame rate; for instance, Resident Evil 6 is capped at 120FPS while Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen is capped at 150FPS.

Coop is an integral part of Monster Hunter World, but it's only going to be available online since split-screen has been confirmed to be absent. There will be an in-game voice chat system for communication between hunters, in order to find the best tactics to take down the monsters.

While Capcom stated that there are no loading screens anymore, the game world won't be completely seamless since there are still separate maps.

Other previously announced tidbits that are worth reminding are the daily/night cycle, the global simultaneous release (a first for the franchise) and the enhanced focus on environmental interaction. Players will have a grappling hook that can be used not only for traversal but also during combat.

Furthermore, there is a living ecosystem in Monster Hunter World that can be exploited to your advantage (for example, by luring two monsters in a fight between themselves). We'll have more on the game as Capcom releases additional information ahead of the launch.

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