Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak New Gameplay Footage Showcases Great Sword, Insect Glaive and Hammer New Silkbind Attacks

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

New Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak gameplay footage has been shared online, providing a new look at some of the new Silkbind attacks that will be included in the upcoming expansion.

The new footage, which has been shared on the Monster Hunter YouTube channel, showcases the Great Sword's Strongarm Stance, the Insect Glaive's Awakened Kinsect Attack, and the Hammer's Impact Burst. As a Great Sword main, I am quite excited about Strongarm Stance, as it seems like it will make it easier to unleash True Charged Slashes more consistently.

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Starting this week, Capcom started showing more of the new Silkbind Attacks that will be included in the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion. You can head over here to learn more of the Sword and Shield, Switch Axe, and Heavy Bowgun new Silkbind Attacks.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak launches on PC and Nintendo Switch on June 30th worldwide. You can learn more about the base game by checking out my review of the PC version which launched earlier this year.

With the streamlining of some of the most annoying aspects of the Monster Hunter experience and some excellent additions to the formula like Wirebugs and Switch Skills, Monster Hunter Rise reaches the heights of the best entries in the series with ease. While not all of the changes and new features have been for the best, like Rampage Quests, their general quality level, and the amazing PC port, do make the game one that's worth playing for both long-time fans of the series and newcomers.

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