Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Dev Diary Details “Refined” Movement, Lack Of Weaponry, Combat & More

Aernout van de Velde

EA has released a new dev diary from the upcoming Mirrror's Edge Catalyst, which explains  why the use of weapons was cut, how gameplay connects with music, and how the movement from the original Mirror’s Edge has been refined.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Furthermore, the video gives insight and the game's combat and free-roaming trough the City of Glass.

Directly from its creators, get the details about the thrilling gameplay of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Learn how fluid movement and first-person combat blend together with the dynamic audio to make your experience as a Runner as unique as possible.

Last week, EA released a set of 2 new videos for the game, detailing the movement and combat in the game.

Faith more mature in Mirror's Edge Catalyst

For Mirror's Edge Catalyst, DICE will be displayed in a more mature way than the first Mirror's Edge. According the game's concept artist, Per Haagensen, portraying Faith’s physicality is an important factor in Catalyst. The team wants to display  “her skill, confidence and attitude in a dynamic manner, without her looking like a martial artist or super hero”.

Mirrors Edge Catalyst Featured

“When I set out to sculpt her for the Key Art, aside from the realistic aspects of her appearance, more than anything it was to convey the pose with enough action, tension, and interest to make the audience curious about who this person is”, said Haagensen during a  DICE art panel at the National Museum in Stockholm

Haagensen added that for Catalyst, the team wanted Faith to look “more mature” than she did in the first game. “She also needs to appear more mature than in the first game, so there was some work on getting a focused look on her face, maybe even some concern about the situation she is in”, the concept artist said during the art Panel.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is releasing on May 24 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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