Microsoft Won’t Quit at Poking at the MacBook – Hints Surface Pro 4 Superiority in Latest Ad


This isn’t the first time that Microsoft has attempted to make fun of Apple’s MacBook through an advertisement that its Surface Pro 4 is better in every manner possible. The latest ad shows that the software giant isn’t ready to stop just yet.

Latest Surface Pro 4 Ad Shows Microsoft Claiming Superiority of its Pen Support

Time and time again, we see Microsoft taking a jab at Apple claiming superiority of its products and it mocks the MacBook’s lack of pen support, a feature that is present in Surface Pro 4. You can check out the ad below to see what sort of creativity Microsoft has brought to the table, but it just so happens that $899 isn’t a very healthy solution for a 2-in-1 that is going to be running a Core M processor.

In fact, some users have also complained about the sluggishness of the machine because it features an underpowered processor. However, keep in mind that critics also said the same thing about the 12-inch MacBook, but it was able to pass a 4K editing test with superb scores, showing that the magic also lies in the software. While I’ve had very brief moments with using Apple’s desktop platform, I have to say that it is far smoother than Windows 10, which ultimately makes it far smoother than Windows 10, and a Surface Pro 4 in general.

In fact, Microsoft wants you to think that you have the perfect laptop replacement in the palm of your hands, but you still have to pay $150 for its keyboard accessory. With that much money, I can purchase a slightly bulky, but powerful Windows 10 powerful notebook and I can say that it will be a far better purchase compared to the Surface Pro 4. If Microsoft would have bundled the keyboard accessory, then it would have been a decent solution for consumers who want portable computing at their fingertips.

Let us hope that Microsoft changes its stance on freebies with the release of the Surface Pro 4 successor? What did you think of the latest advertisement from Microsoft? Tell us your thoughts right away.