Microsoft To Talk About Future Of Xbox For Windows; Share New Platform Innovations At GDC 2016


During the Gamers Developers Conference (GDC) in March this year, Microsoft will be talking about the future of Xbox game development for Windows, and how Xbox Live connects gamers on Microsoft platforms.

More and more Xbox One games that have been announced as Xbox One exclusive, will be released for PC as well, and some might wonder whether owning or purchasing an Xbox One console is still justified.

For those who have gotten anxious that their Xbox One will become absolute in the near future, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer recently took to twitter to assure fans that the Xbox team remains committed to the console, and that they will keep working to make the “Xbox One the best console gaming experience they can make, to justify purchase. Additionally, Spencer added that the Xbox console is critical” to their success, “now and in the future”.

Xbox for Windows and new innovations for games

Regardless, Microsoft seems serious about PC support, and during the GDC, the company will be organizing several sessions on the future of Xbox gaming for Windows. First off, Team Xbox will be sharing their vision on the future of Xbox game development for Windows. The team will also be sharing a “host of new platform innovations for games in every genre”.

Windows and Team Xbox talked at GDC in 2015 about how we were building the world's most accessible and powerful game development platform that spans across consoles, PC, tablets, phones, and more. Come join us in 2016 to see how we are delivering on our vision & are empowering game developers to reach billions of customers around the world, connected through the power of Xbox Live and our Universal Store, plus a host of new platform innovations for games in every genre.

On top of that, Microsoft’s engineering manager, Brian Tyler, will be talking about how Xbox Live brings features that drive player engagements and connects millions of gamers on Windows 10 platforms.

Xbox Live connects hundreds of millions of gamers around the world, as part of the largest social multiplayer network ever. With Windows 10, we have brought the magic of Xbox to break down the walls between consoles and PCs, expanding the ways that players can interact both in and outside of games. Whether you build for console, PCs, tablets, phones, or HoloLens devices, Xbox Live has features that can add fun and drive player engagement in your game.

Surely it’s interesting to hear what Microsoft has in store for gamers in the future. What are your thoughts on the future of Xbox game development for Windows? Leave a comment down below.