Microsoft’s Surface Ultra-Portable Tablet Looks Terrific in These Latest Images


Microsoft currently has two categories that are a part of its Surface lineup; a 2-in-1 and a notebook family that comes with a detachable screen. What is going to be added as the third member of the Surface family? An ultra-mobile device apparently, which strongly resembles a tablet form factor.

New Patent Filed by Microsoft Looks Like a Digital Book With Hinges and Can Be Made to Look and Function Like a Notebook

The ultra-portable device from Microsoft features two halves that pivot around a central hinge. This will allow the device to be turned into a tablet of sorts and used accordingly. At the same time, this device can also be repositioned to work as a notebook in necessary situations, with the hinge design aiding in the tablet-like hardware to adopt such a stance.

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The software is going to be a key area where the device is going to shine. One software idea could be used to reconfigure the bottom half of the screen and make it into a virtual keyboard and trackpad, while the other half of the device will act as a screen.

When the user is typing on the device, it will not be able to deliver the same tactile feel as a physical keyboard or trackpad but in the end, but Microsoft might not market it as hardware designed to increase the user’s productivity.

Windows 10 natively supports desktop and tablet mode which will be able to give Microsoft the much-needed edge if and when such a product is officially announced. We do not know if the tech giant plans on forming a new OS for it on just tinkering the existing one to play with it nicely. Looks like we will be finding out in the future.

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There is no news on what sort of specifications it will feature but an ultra-portable device like this could take advantage of Snapdragon chipsets, which have been made for hybrids that can deliver up to 22 hours of battery life.

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News Source: Patent Scope