Surface Pro 4 Is Going for a $150 Discount, But You’re Going to Have to Hurry


Microsoft is at it again with yet another Surface Pro 4 discount, and the tech giant is feeling quite generous right about now because it is offering a $150 price slash on its flagship Windows 10 powered slate.

The Surface Pro 4 Discount Is Only Going to Last for 24 Hours so Avail the Discount When You Can

Before making the purchase, you should know that the $150 discount is going to be for the base model of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4. Let us give you a rundown of the specifications of the slate. First off, the Windows 10 powered 2-in-1 comes armed with an Intel Core m3 Skylake processor and while you could say that the CPU is underpowered, I’d also like to point out that the magic of software also plays an integral part in the performance of the machine. Keep in mind that the 2016 12-inch MacBook also comes with a Core m3 processor variant, and in a 4K video editing test, and it was able to pass that test with flying colors.

Additionally, the RAM count on the base model Surface Pro 4 is 4GB, and you get 128GB of flash storage as well. It is rather strange that Microsoft didn’t include the discount in the rest of the models. Perhaps the company would have received an even better response had additional models with better performing processors, more RAM and more storage were given a price reduction. Regardless, getting a $150 discount on the entry-level notebook is definitely not a bad deal by any means.

The 12.3-inch real estate is more than enough for a Windows 10 slate that also doubles as a laptop substitute should you decide to purchase the keyboard accessory. One thing that I personally do not like about the accessory is that it features a kickstand. Had Microsoft adopted the magnetic keyboard accessory approach like Google did with its Pixel C, I’d be more into the purchase of a Surface Pro 4. Irrespective of my opinion, what do you think of the latest discounted offer from Microsoft? If you’re interested you can always head down to the US Microsoft Store, and place your order.