Microsoft Surface Phone Slated For 2017 With Focus On Security, Continuum And Productivity

As Microsoft's Lumia lineup of smartphones fades away into oblivion, news and information about Redmond's upcoming Surface lineup of devices has started to increase in pace. For a company that's struggled quite a bit in its gadget lineup over the past couple of years, the Surface phone might just turn out to be Microsoft's redemption. After all, the company still manages to surprise quite a few ends time to time, particularly with its tablet and hybrid offerings.

Microsoft's Surface Book and Surface Pro lineups upgraded last year can be rightly said to be one of the best in their respective categories, and if we're to believe the rumor mill's current whisperings, then it seems like the company might just be ready to transfer this success in the smartphone sphere as well.


Microsoft To Launch The Surface Phone In 2017 With Greater Focus On Productivity

With the Lumia lineup of devices, Microsoft seemed to be struggling to find the correct balance between style and productivity, with the latter being one of the core strengths of the Windows platform. However, looks like the company just might have found the correct balance between productivity and aesthetics this time around, if the current rumblings of the rumor mill are to be believed.

Just a while back we saw Redmond's Windows 10 Mobile site list Qualcomm's Snapdragon 830, which led towards fresh speculation about the processor and the Surface phone. The Snapdragon 830 itself is expected to deliver a couple of critical upgrades over the current 820, with the most important one so far being LPDDR4X being introduced into the mix. The improved RAM cuts down power consumption by up to 45%, so expect things to be beefed up quite heavily next year.


Now, according to the latest information, Microsoft's got some high ideas for the Surface Phone. If the device does come with the Snapdragon 830 on board, then we should expect it to pack a significant punch in terms of specifications, especially as the processor will make the much waited jump to 10nm; if Qualcomm hopes to stay competitive in the hardware front of course. In addition, we're now hearing that Microsoft also intends to make Continuum a stand out feature for the device, which fits in nicely with the company's stated objectives for the device.

According to folks over at Windows Central, Microsoft intends to make the Surface Phone stand out in terms of security and productivity, looking to catch up where Blacberry once stood before the iPhone's popularity. This integration with Continuum is also one of the primary reasons that the Surface Phone will not be seeing a 2016 launch according to sources, and we'd agree with Microsoft on this front. After all, the market showed the company no love when it came to the Lumia lineup, so perhaps Redmond's best suited to make sure all ends are ironed out before its next major smartphone launch.

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