Microsoft Surface Keynote Is Going to Be Held Next Month – Possible Surface Book Successor or Something Else Entirely

Omar Sohail
Microsoft Surface keynote next month

Microsoft announced the Surface Pro and was a disappointing event but the software giant might make up for it next month with a dedicated Surface keynote that is going to be held in London.

Surface Book Upgrade or ARM-Powered Surface Products Expected to Be Announced - No Mention of a Surface Smartphone

Microsoft’s Surface chief, Panos Panay is going to be holding a Surface keynote from October 31 to November 1. The company has a habit of unveiling new Surface devices during the month of October, and according to The Verge, there is going to be one new product that will take center stage during this event. Which product exactly? Well, that is something that we’re going to find out next month.

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Chances are that a better-performing Surface Book is going to be unveiled and for once Microsoft could make the right decision by incorporating a Thunderbolt 3 port using the Type-C USB interface. Thanks to the portability factor of these machines, we expect this upgrade to come armed with Intel’s latest Kaby Lake R processors, giving users access to more cores and more threads to play with.

If that was not exciting enough, then how about an ARM-powered Surface product or just a regular notebook for the masses? Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 has proven that it can handle desktop-based applications with ease, but you will still need a Snapdragon 835 as a bare minimum to run Windows 10 applications from these machines.

It is not clear if Microsoft or its long list of partners are going to be manufacturing these products, but things got a whole lot better for the mobile computing space. Still, it would be better if the tech giant were to give us a teaser on a Surface smartphone since that will definitely put everyone on their heels.

What products are you expecting to be announced during Microsoft’s October keynote? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

News Source: The Verge

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