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Microsoft Reaches an Agreement to Acquire Revolution Analytics


To understand what Revolution Analytics is, you first need to know what the term Big Data implies. Big Data means any amount of data which is soo large and complex that it is difficult to sort it in to meaningful data. If you can't think of any sch amount of data that is virtually impossible for humans to handle lets take an example. The data uploaded on any social networking site is soo big and complex that it is hard to sort it into different meaningful chunks, mostly because of it's complexity as it basically includes different types and not only just words, there are pictures, videos, music and audio files etcetera.

Microsoft and revolution analytics

What is Revolution Analytics

Now, moving on, Revolution Analytics is a statistical software company which provides versions of the free and open source software R (which is a programming language for statistical computing and graphics) for its customers. Founded in 2007, Revolution Analytics was providing support and services for R in different models just like the Revolution R Enterprise software which is very popular across the globe for big data analysis.

"R" is world’s most widely used statistics programming language and is used by scientists and a wide range of the online community. It is taught in universities as a programming language and has a huge role in financial analytics. "Revolution R" is an enhanced version of R by Revolution Analytics, which is used commonly for analytics deployment including desktop and server based processing to parallelized processing or in-database deployment in data warehouses.

Microsoft Acquires Revolution Analytics

Microsoft has announced the acquisition on the Official Microsoft Blog where they claimed that this acquisition was performed to give better value to the customer and not only profit purposes. Microsof explained their decision on their official blog by saying "As their volumes of data continually grow, organizations of all kinds around the world – financial, manufacturing, health care, retail, research – need powerful analytical models to make data-driven decisions. This requires high performance computation that is “close” to the data, and scales with the business’ needs over time. At the same time, companies need to reduce the data science and analytics skills gap inside their organizations, so more employees can use and benefit from R. This acquisition is part of our effort to address these customer needs."

They further added that they were making this acquisition to "help more companies use the power of R and data science to unlock big data insights with advanced analytics." Revolution Analytics is the host to many of the top customers including some of the world’s largest banks and financial services organizations, pharmaceutical companies, consulting services organizations, manufacturing and technology companies. Microsoft has taken a big step forward through this acquisition as this marks the beginning of a revolution in information technology driven by the use of statistics and scientific analyses on big data as Microsoft will make sure that it invests the needed amount of money to make sure the company does better than ever.