It Lives; Here’s How Microsoft’s Going To Hide Internet Explorer In Windows 10


With Windows 10, Microsoft's bringing several changes to the platform due to popular demands for revamping Windows back to the basics. These include a revamped Start Menu which will be a mixture of metro and traditional styled icons, the company's virtual assistant Cortana and an all new replacement for Internet Explorer, named Spartan by the company. But while Spartan might be changing things for good for browsers on the next Windows, Internet Explorer will still be around, within a couple of clicks range for anyone wishing to access it.

ffd9f897c1e7ae2.png_600x600Microsoft's Going To Make Internet Explorer Available In Windows 10 In Accessories Menu

Looks like Internet Explorer hasn't been replaced completely by Spartan, but has only gotten a demotion in Windows 10. According to a tweet reply by IE DevChat, Microsoft's making its nefarious browser available for anyone willing to access right in the age old accessories menu found in Windows. Also, since Internet Explorer will be a part of the Windows equation, Microsoft's also going to be updating the browser will all the necessary security and other updates.

7759a0766bb7c70.png_600x600Looks like Microsoft's decided to play it safe with Spartan with the impending Windows 10 launch this year. Spartan's going to be quite a treat for Windows users at the time of its launch, if all the features shown off by Microsoft so far hold ground. And there's no reason for them not too. You'll be able to interact with websites in a vastly changed manner with Spartan. You'll be able to add comments, highlight, take notes and do a variety of other tasks on the new browser. Not only that, but with Cortana integration on it, information about websites you're visiting and topics/items you're browsing will be available on the go, making sure that you're never out of the loop. Lets just wait for Windows 10 to come out now so we can finally see for ourselves if all the hype around Microsoft's much needed browser upgrade is worth it in the end. Cheers, and let us know what you think in the comments section.