Microsoft Previews Office Support In New MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar


The latest MacBook Pro lineup featured a shiny new addition at its unveiling late last year. The Touch Bar above the keyboard opened new possibilities for developers to take advantage of. While the 2016 MacBook Pro did not feature the function row, the OLED display compensated with various operations. At its unveiling, Apple showed what the Touch Bar was capable of through a demo that included Microsoft's Office Suite applications. The applications took advantage of the Touch Bar pretty well. Now, a few months later since the on-stage demo, Microsoft has released the updated version of its Office Suite apps to its Office Insider program with Touch Bar support.

Office Suite Apps Gain Preview Support For Touch Bar On New MacBook Pros

As we have mentioned earlier, Microsoft has released the updated version of its Office Suite apps to its Insider program members with support for Touch Bar. The apps include Word, Outlook, Excel, Skype and PowerPoint. While the company has yet not officially rolled out the support, Office users can opt to test the new Touch Bar features through the Office Insider, which is a public beta program. So if you're interested, be sure to check it out.

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With the new Touch Bar, MacBook Pro owners with a Touch Bar can activate Focus mode for distraction-free work by removing the Ribbon and accessing text formatting and different font style options in Word. In the PowerPoint, the Touch Bar is responsible to show a graphical overview of all the slides available in a deck. This will allow users to rearrange slides easily.

Microsoft Excel is getting the most useful feature associated with the Touch Bar -  the ability to bring recently used functions, chart options and color cells to the OLED panel. Outlook on the other hand brings the Today view to the Touch Bar. This will basically allow users to see calendar entries for that day. In addition to this, the recently used documents will be displayed when a user is composing emails. This will allow the new MacBook Pro owner with Touch Bar to attach files in a jiffy. Skype calling features are also available for the Touch Bar.

If you're interested in checking out these features for your self, you can sign up to become an Office Insider. It's really good to see apps gaining support for the shiny Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pros.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the Office Suite apps gaining support for Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pros? Share your thoughts in the comments.