Microsoft Has a Solution for Its Customers Who Crave the USB-C Port on the Surface Pro: A New Dongle

Omar Sohail

To recap on the inputs of the newly announced Surface Pro, the 2-in-1 features no Type-C USB ports, which will make potential customers furious on the company’s decision. However, Microsoft has a workaround for this; a Type-C USB dongle for when they want to upgrade to the Kaby Lake-powered machine.

Microsoft’s Executive Reveals That Future Products Will Have a USB-C Port When Customers Are Ready for the Adoption – A Dongle Featuring This Input Is Being Made for the Surface Pro

Apparently, Microsoft and its executive, Panos Panay is under the impression that its customers are not ready for the Type-C USB input. Where it is being adopted in nearly every smartphone, notebook, and tablet, the software giant continues to go about its business releasing a Surface Pro that does not feature what is undoubtedly the future of inputs and interfaces.

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After Panay was interviewed by The Verge, he revealed that customers who love the Surface product lineup will get the new input when they are actually ready for it. We’re not sure why he said this, but I personally believe that it was high time that Microsoft turned things around concerning what sort of inputs are going to be present in future devices.

“I love the technology in Type-C, I believe in Type-C. When Type-C is ready for our customers, to make it easy for them, we’ll be there. If you love Type-C, it means you love dongles. We’re giving a dongle to people who love dongles. If you want to charge a device with a Type-C charger, you can. If you want to put data back and forth with a Type-C peripheral, you can.”

So far, a Type-C USB dongle looks to be the only solution for users who want to experience the interface on the Surface Pro. Our guess is that the company is not going to be too generous and will charge a premium for this accessory, just like it is doing with the Surface Pen and Type Cover.

Do you guys think that manufacturing a USB-C-based dongle will be enough to encourage customers to make a Surface Pro purchase? Tell us in the comments right away.

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