Limited Time Offer: 97% off Microsoft Front-End Developer Training Bundle


Microsoft's front-end developer training bundle teaches you to start designing professional-looking scalable websites. With the courses offered on CSS, HTML5, and more, you will analyze the techniques to make improvements to a website, create logos with Adobe Illustrator, get started with CSS, and learn to build your first applications. With a retail value of over $1,500, you can now get Microsoft Front-End Developer Training bundle from Wccftech Deals for just $39, for a limited time only.

Microsoft Front-End Developer Training Bundle

The Microsoft front-end developer training bundle offers you three courses to help you build scalable websites.

1- Website Design: Extreme Website Makeover

Give Your Website An Overhaul & Learn All the Techniques to Make Your Next Website Amazing

A website is only as good as its look, and this course will teach you how to give yours a full design makeover. You'll learn how to create content-rich, polished and professional sites from the get go, and become familiar with some of the industry-leading design applications. Before you know it you'll be building and polishing brilliant websites you can be proud of.

2- CSS & XHTML for Web Development

Become Complete Master of Your Websites' Design by Learning CSS & XHTML

There are softwares and non-coding techniques to help you design great websites, but the absolute best way to take complete creative control of your web design is by learning the CSS and XHTML programming languages. They are the bare bones of websites, and this course will teach you how to master them.

3- Microsoft Developer Training

Explore Microsoft's ASP.NET & HTML5 to Build Powerful, Cross-Platform Apps

More and more people are accessing the web apps from mobile devices and tablets, which means it's important to learn how to scale your applications efficiently when you build them. One of the best ways to do this is using Microsoft's ASP.NET and HTML 5 technologies. This course will teach you how to build powerful, scalable and efficient apps using the ASP.NET MVC framework & HTML 5, thereby giving your apps a boost across multiple platforms.

Original value: $1,512 | Wccftech Deals: $39 at 97% discount