Report: Microsoft Falling Behind Demand – Xbox One Launching at an Unprecedented Scale –

Usman Pirzada

Just a few days ago the PS4 launched ( a bit shakily) , breaking a few world records in the process.  Now it seems Xbox One is determined to follow in its stead, since it appears that the Xbox One is launching so well that Microsoft is actually falling behind on supply.

Xbox One Launches on an Unprecedented Scale - Even better than Microsoft Expected?

Update: Its not just Us, famous enthusiast and leak site SweClockers is reporting the same.

When you are launching a key product such as a Next Gen console, bumps are expected. Technical glitches are frowned upon but discouraged, but surely with all the Analysts they have on their side and the exact Pre-Order count they can match demand? We have been receiving official statements form Microsoft that the Xbox One is doing extremely well. On the other hand we have been receiving reports from our readers that the Xbox One is falling short of demand. Obvious Conclusion: Microsoft has trouble keeping up with demand.

We have even received reports from our readers in America who complain that U.S. retailers have run out of Xbox One Consoles.

On the internet side of things, Amazon has declared that any orders received after 13 November wont be delivered before Christmas. Once again bumps in supply are expected in any major launch , however what worries us is that even though the Xbox One launch is doing well, its supply is not. We received shortage reports of the PS4 too but they weren't of this magnitude. In any case, a big congratulation to Microsoft, for doing so well. We will be waiting for the official numbers.


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