Microsoft Event Announced for May 2 – Is the Surface Pro 5 Unveiling Finally Take Place Next Month?


Next month, Microsoft is hosting an event named #MicrosoftEDU and it is going to take place in New York City. However, the company has not revealed what it has in store which leaves us with a singular question: ‘Will the Surface Pro 5 finally be unveiled on May 2’?

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Clamshell Might Also Be Unveiled at the Aforementioned Event

Surface Pro 5 has been rumored several times to be announced during the first half of 2017. However, taking a look at the company’s announcement schedule, the software giant always reveals the hardware side of its product portfolio during the second half of a given year. However, since the Surface Pro 5 refresh was not announced during September 2016, it leaves open to speculation that the 2-in-1 might be announced next month.

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If that is not going to take place, then at least the company might grace us with the Surface Book 2, which could leave the convertible feature behind and present a notebook instead. According to a previous rumor, the upcoming Surface Pro 5 is expected to retain the Surface Connect power connector like its predecessor. What this could potentially mean is that Microsoft will have to rely on other display outputs such as DisplayPort to allow users to connect a secondary display to the 2-in-1.

A Thunderbolt 3 port via Type-C USB does not sound like a great idea and if it is just going to be an iterative upgrade over the Surface Pro 4 that features Kaby Lake processors and is running Windows 10 Creators Update, then it might be a good option to look for an alternative. Still, there is a silver lining in all of this if Microsoft unveils the Surface Pro 5.

It will make the Surface Pro 4 lineup cheaper for you and since there are very little real-world differences that you can experience when you pit a Skylake and Kaby Lake processor against one another, a Surface Pro 4 might look like much better value.

Are you excited for Microsoft potentially announcing a Surface Pro 5 on May 2? Let us know your thoughts right away.