Microsoft To Bring Second Generation Kinect To Windows – Kinect v2 Starts Shipping Today

Microsoft has today split up Kinect and the Xbox. Kinect, the company's motion tracking device for it's Xbox gaming consoles was launched a couple of years back. This separation between the Xbox and Kinect brings with it great development potential. Developers will now be able to experiment with the device on Windows and PCs. This will enable them to make further exciting developments and software particularly related to 3D imaging.

Kinect v2 Starts Shipping Today - Kinect Preview for Windows SDK 2.0 Also Launched

Microsoft has announced today that the Kinect motion tracking device has stated shipping today for those who made orders two weeks back. Microsoft started selling the popular motion detection device for Windows two weeks back for $ 200. The device is similar to the one available to be used with the Xbox. The original Kinect for Windows provided developers with tools to map a real time 3D environment. Kinect v2, which is an upgrade will be able to provide better opportunities with its high definition cameras and better motion tracking. With the launch of Kinect v2, developers can now start gathering visual data for human computer interface. This will eventually end up aiding the development of autonomous robots.

A preview of Kinect for Windows SKD 2.0 was also released by Microsoft today. With the Windows SDK 2.0, developers can further enhance the process of 3D tracking. SDK 2.0 allows developers the option of advanced face tracking, as well as the capability to track 25 skeletal joints. While the SDK 2.0 is still in the development phase, it is expected to be fully launched later this year. With it's launch, Microsoft will give developers the option to publish their software to the Windows Store. The publish of software and the development kit both will remain free of cost. With this separation of Kinect, Microsoft is aiming to promote development of next generation software particularly for robotics. Sounds cool to us. Let's see how it turns out.


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