New Microsoft Black Friday Deals Include Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3 & ReCore

Alessio Palumbo

New day, a new round of deals. This time it's all about Microsoft Black Friday deals for the most recent games published by Microsoft Game Studios: Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3 and ReCore.

Let's start with The Coalition's first new Gears of War entry. Both Xbox One and PC gamers can pick up Gears of War 4, released only a month and a half ago, for a significantly reduced price now for a week.

The Standard Edition is available from Microsoft's Store at $35.99, down from the original price of $59.99. The Ultimate Edition is also discounted down to $74.99 from the original price of $99.99 and it's also your best option to get the Season Pass, since the separate option to get the pass doesn't currently have any discounts.

If you don't mind physical copies, Best Buy is selling the Standard Edition at $29.99 with free shipping in the US and the Ultimate Edition at $69.99. If you own a Gamers Club Unlocked membership, the prices will be even lower.

In our Gears of War 4 review, Rosh Kelly rated the game 9/10 with the following summary:

With an interesting, albeit familiar narrative, great gameplay and some really brutal battles, Gears of War 4 offers exactly what fans of the series have been yearning for: hours upon hours of great, weighty combat.

Moving onto the next Microsoft Black Friday deal, there's Forza Horizon 3 by Playground Games. The racing game's Standard Edition can be picked up for $38.99 instead of $59.99; the Deluxe Edition is available at $59.99 instead of $79.99 and the Ultimate Edition at $79.99 instead of $99.99.

BestBuy is offering basically the same prices in this case. In our Forza Horizon 3 review, Chris Wray rated the game 9/10 with the following summary:

Forza Horizon offers you a huge world to explore. It gives you as many cars, from supercars to off-road buggies, to race how and when you want. Explore the outback, race along the coast. Forza Horizon 3 is possibly the best racing game in the world, just marred by performance issues on the PC and the dull nature of the create-your-own-race options.

Finally, ReCore doesn't have a discount yet on Microsoft's Store but it does on Best Buy, where you can purchase a digital copy at $19.99 instead of $39.99.
The product page mentions that the download is only available in the US, but you should be able to circumvent this obstacle by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) software if you live elsewhere.
In our ReCore review, Francesco De Meo rated the game 8/10 with the following summary:
With a well written (albeit not exactly original) story and a nicely crafted gameplay experience featuring plenty of content, ReCore is the game to get for those looking for an involving action adventure title. Sadly, the experience is a bit lessened by the generally low challenge level, which makes Corebots mechanics almost superfluous, slightly repetitive combat, disappointing boss battles and a variety of technical issues. ReCore is not Super Metroid at all, that's for sure, but it's definitely a very good starting point for a franchise that might even become big with the right tweaks.
Stay tuned on Wccftech for more Microsoft Black Friday gaming deals throughout this week.

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